Positive Strokes is a Road Safety Initiative that is based on Positive Ticketing – a system that originated in Vancouver, BC in Canada.  Positive Ticketing was used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to reduce crime among youth.  The idea is adapted to improve road use behavior among road users in Bangalore, India. The Positive Strokes program is a Behavior Change Program in Bangalore – an idea conceptualized and championed by Anusha Jaishankar.

AJAnusha Jaishankar is an engineer with a Masters degree in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University and over 15 years of experience in the semiconductor industry.  A driving enthusiast, she was aghast to see the behavior among road users when she returned to Bangalore after living abroad for many years.  She was further horrified to note that she herself was forced into behaviors that she wouldn’t approve of, because of situations on the road. Positive Strokes attempts to turn the tide and make good road behavior the norm, by rewarding good behavior – an act that will encourage further good behavior.

For a period of one year, the program was incubated by CMCA, an organization that works to inculcate democratic values in children and youth .  During this time, April 2014 to March 2015, the program ran as a joint initiative of CMCA and the Bangalore Traffic Police with an annual sponsorship from Fastrack.

Positive Strokes was awarded the Bengaluru People’s Choice award for Gamechanging Innovations for Road Safety in India, a competition organized by UL & Ashoka Changemakers in 2014.

Positive Strokes now runs in partnership with the Bangalore Traffic Police and various community partners.

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