Contextual Learning at the TMC

The Canadian International School, Bangalore runs a program called Contextual Learning Program (CLP) for their students.  CLP encourages learning by doing and  participation.  As part of the program the 7th graders are exposed to various useful and important aspects of the city they are currently residents of – viz., Bangalore.  Many of these students are expat children and have already experienced the shock that is the Bangalore Traffic.

On Wednesday June 7 and again on Thursday June 8th a total of 49 students and their teachers participated in Positive Strokes workshops conducted at the Traffic Management Center (TMC).

Each TMC session is very interactive.  So while there is a basic framework through which the students are given an understanding of the job of the traffic police and the criticality of their work, the questions and resulting discussion take each session to various levels of engagement.  For example, in yesterday’s session, we got into a deep discussions about how to maintain pedestrian walkways clear of street hawkers, the role of India’s form of government in the way the traffic is, whether or not infrastructure was the only way to control road user behavior.  Yup, these were discussions with a group of seventh graders!

The best reactions from the students, as expected, came from when they were introduced to their hands on activity.  Some said it was hard because as soon as they zoomed in to a vehicle plate, they started moving, others finished their worksheet early and sharpened their people and behavior watching skills.  Still others looked through various traffic junctions for all the places they knew.  All in all, it was a fun experience for them and they went away with a some new ideas and insights into what makes traffic  the way it is and in what small way they can contribute to safer roads.


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