When the young teach the young

Dhruva Jaishankar has been involved in Positive Strokes activities from the early days of this initiative, more than 4 years ago.  In fact, my kids are usually the first two people I run my ideas by, make my pitch to or present my talk to.  They have helped me behind the scenes during several past Positive Strokes activities.

Then and Now

So, early this year when I suggested to Dhruva that he take on a more central role in an upcoming Positive Strokes TMC event and he readily agreed, I was thrilled!  He conducted the Positive Strokes TMC orientation session for students of QuizShala from NPS HSR Layout in collaboration with The Arundhati Foundation on Saturday Feb 24, 2018.

This is his report.

I recently conducted an event for the Positive Strokes organization where I taught young and enthusiastic 7th and 8th graders about road safety, road rules and behavior on the road.

Positive Strokes is a community initiative that identifies and rewards good road behavior because it believes that this positive reinforcement will help improve behavior on the roads. This event was done in partnership with two other organizations – Walnut Knowledge Solutions and the Arundhati foundation.

This event took place in the Traffic Management Centre (TMC) in Bangalore. My role was to teach the children (who had come from NPS in HSR layout) about road safety both globally and locally and about what Positive Strokes does to improve it.

While delivering my presentation, their answers to my questions and their ideas and knowledge about road safety were entertaining and thoughtful. I really enjoyed talking with them.

The best part about the event was when we went into the control centre of the TMC. In this centre there are multiple huge screens, which receive live feed from around hundreds of traffic junction cameras across Bangalore. The traffic police use this to identify bad behavior and issue violations. We used it however to identify good road behavior so we could award them.

When we went inside the room, everyone was shocked with some of them letting out a chuckle with expressions of awe on their faces. They were very excited to be able to control the cameras through the computers in the room and zoom in on different cars and their license plates. Some of them had so much fun that in addition to finding a few ‘good road behaviors’ that we had listed out for them, they took out another sheet of paper and listed down even more vehicles which had followed the rules.

After around an hour, we had to leave and the students got a certificate and gift for attending this event. When we asked them for their opinions about it, they exclaimed that it was a once in a lifetime experience that they would never be able to forget.  A morning well spent, because this is exactly what we had set out to do.

˜Dhruva Jaishankar (11th grade IB student and Positive Strokes Volunteer)

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