An interactive TMC session for NPS QuizShala students

My dear friend Dr. Shubhangi, co-founder of The Arundhati Foundation (TAF) invited Positive Strokes into a three-way collaboration with Walnut Knowledge Solutions‘ QuizShala program.

QuizShala aims to engage students in meaningful pursuits and activities outside of the classroom setting.  The Arundhati Foundation focusses largely on road safety bringing home the importance of being rule-abiding and the grave consequences that not doing so can have on oneself and society.

Positive Strokes engages youngsters in interactive hands on, non-classroom based learning about road safety while drawing attention to and magnifying the good behavior that happens on the road.

See some common threads?  So did Dr. Shubhangi.

Our first activity together was held on Saturday, Feb 3, 2018, at the Traffic Management Centre in Bangalore.  This blog post by Sanjay Tambwekar, co-founder of TAF journals the event eloquently.

As always, I found joy in engaging with these bright eyed children with their unbridled curiosity and sharp observations.  I found some extra joy in that they were students of my old school – NPS IndiraNagar 🙂

We’re looking forward to engaging in more fun sessions and activities with The Arundhati Foundation and Walnut Knowledge Solutions, taking our three-way collaboration to greater heights.IMG_7072.JPG


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