Stopping behind the pedestrian crossing or stopping behind the stop line is one of the first good behaviors we have our volunteers watch for, at the Positive Strokes activity conducted at the Traffic Management Centre (TMC).

From the TMC cameras, it is one of the easiest rules to monitor.  However, in many cases, participants have pointed out that the line is nonexistent or very faint.  We have noticed during campaigns conducted at Junctions as well, that when the stop line and pedestrian crossing is clearly marked and brightly painted, there is a better chance that vehicles will stop behind the stop line & pedestrian crossing.

At Positive Strokes, we are always looking for ways to disseminate knowledge and spread awareness in a fun, memorable way without resorting to punishment.  And so, one activity approach that we might use at our next Junction event is to walk up to stop line violators and instead of preaching to them, have them tell us or explain to their co-passenger what the significance of the stop line and pedestrian crossing is.  The police could use their discretion to include this approach in their stop line campaigns as well.  If the explanation is satisfactory, we might have started a thread of self reflection in them!

A ‘Quick Fix’ piece appeared in the Economic Times newspaper yesterday, Tuesday Feb 14, 2017, covering this problem, the DCP of Traffic East Division, Mr. Abhishek Goyal says that stop lines in his division are getting repainted.  This will surely go a long way in enabling road users to do their bit.  On our part as road users, I hope we make it a habit to walk or drive on the road, conscious of these fresh road markings!



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