Positively a good experience for students of HBP School

Nikhil Kumar, nineteen years old, a student of Law at Christ University, a Positive Strokes volunteer and the recipient of a grant from UL & YSA’s Safe Road Initiative.  This incredible youngster organized and conducted a session for the students of HBP Indian School.  This is his report:

The session was for students of HBP Indian School, Shivajinagar, Bangalore.The students were from grade 9 and 10. 4 teachers and 21 students had an opportunity to visit the Traffic Management Centre (TMC) to participate in Positive Strokes TMC workshop. The session was organized on 16th Dec.

HBP Indian school was established in the year 1854 and has a glory of being one of the oldest schools in Bangalore. The establishment of the school was a sequel to Sir Charles Wood Dispatch permission in 1854 to start Girls Schools. This school was started before the Typewriter was invented in 1866 or the Bicycle in 1870 or even before the birth of Mahathma Gandhi in 1869. HBP was started as a small Primary School for girls and later upgraded to a Middle School in 1938. The school became a co-educational during the course of time. The school caters to children of the economically weaker section of the society and has 400 children at present.

Nowadays, the school has been experiencing a lot of discipline issues in high school. Mrs Indhu Raj, the principal of the school, also had concern over boys riding bikes before attaining the legitimate age to obtain a driving licence and overspeeding. She was quite keen to send the students to the program which creates awareness among the students regarding road safety. Purpose of the session was also to help children understand that they can channelize their energy to work towards community.

The students and teachers were quite amazed to see how TMC functions. The students participated quite well during the sessions and asked a lot of questions. They also shared the incidents of losing their near and dear one in fatal road accidents. It was satisfying to hear students’ promise that now onwards they would not ride bikes without having licenses and wear helmets as pillion riders. They would also spread awareness that over speeding can be fatal.

Since only 3 computer systems were available on 16th Dec, the students could capture a few good road behavior such as ‘Stopping behind the pedestrian crossing’, ‘Using indicator before turning’ and ‘Moving into an intersection only after the signal turned green’.

It was a great learning for them in a funfilled way.

The principal of the school was quite happy with the session and has requested to conduct a few more sessions for students and teachers.

The sessions at TMC truly helps students to realize that they need to be the change they wish to see in the world.

-Nikhil Kumar


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