A field trip to remember

Saturday, December 10 – A picture report

Children taking in the view of the city on the video wall at the Traffic Management Centreimg_2928

Nikhil giving the children an introduction to the traffic management center and our mandate to encourage good road behavior by spotting it and recording it with the intent to reward good road behavior.

img_2929     img_2930

The girls team and the boys team recording all sorts of good behavior at the TMC

img_2931             screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-9-18-55-am

The boys felt that wearing helmets and seatbelts was not being done out of sheer laziness and that awareness was the key to changing this behavior.  The girls took their time to frame their answers and came up short sensible messages to improve road behavior

Eyes on the road

Mind on the traffic and

Hands on the steering wheel

Good advice by our wise little ones!


Thanks to Nikhil Kumar, Shubhangi, Sanjay, Nita and the children who participated in the TMC event.  Kudos to you all!  Because of you, many drivers will realize that their good behavior on the road is being noticed.


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