Positive Strokes Youth Brigade

More than one crore people and some fifty five lakh vehicles on Bangalore roads are being watched on live feed from about 175 traffic junction cameras all over the city. All this happens at the well-equipped Traffic Management Center (TMC) on Infantry Road in Bangalore. A small group of policemen watch for and issue violation notices to vehicles breaking traffic rules from the TMC.

Positive Strokes, a program conducted in partnership with the Bangalore Traffic Police, gives citizens a chance to watch for, record and commend instances of good road behavior.

Positive Strokes is founded on the principle that good road behavior when acknowledged and appreciated results in greater good behavior, more empathetic drivers and road users and therefore, safer roads.

Through Wednesday, Oct 19th and Thursday, Oct 20th, 50 students and teachers had to opportunity to visit the Traffic Management Center (TMC), participate in Positive Strokes TMC workshops.  Nikhil, who has been a volunteer at Positive Strokes and engaged in various workshops and events for the last couple of years, is a recipient of a grant from UL & YSA’s Safe Roads initiative.   Surya, an alumnus of Little Flowers High School, a past Positive Strokes volunteer, is now in pre-university college.  He also joined us on these two days. Nikhil and Surya conducted these workshops and engaged the participants in discussions about the ills afflicting Indian roads and how we, as individual road users – drivers and pedestrians, can contribute to the solution.

In the course of the two days, these young people took part in the TMC workshops capturing 39 instances of good road behavior such as ‘Stopping behind the pedestrian crossing’, ‘Using indicator before turning’ and ‘Moving into an intersection only after the signal turned green’.

Over the next few weeks, the owners of the vehicles observed to be doing something right on the road will receive a commendation from the Bangalore Traffic Police and Positive Strokes in the mail.  Are you one of them?


October 19-20, 2016 at the Traffic Management Centre


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