A new batch of Positive Strokes Champions

The Canadian International School’s Conceptual Learning Program (CIS-CLP) gives students an intimate ground level understanding of how our community works.

32 students and 3 teachers from CIS visited the Traffic Management Center on Thursday, May 26, 2016 to be introduced to traffic, the people who manage it and get hands on experience with being the eye in the sky watching some incredulous, some incredible and some blatantly wrong behavior on the roads.


The session included a quiz, a discussion on the severity of the problem, reasons why we have it the way it is and how we can be part of the solution.

This time, we also had a guest speaker, Dr. Shubhangi Tambwekar, trustee and co-founder of The Arundhati Foundation (TAF).  Dr. Shubhangi & Mr. Sanjay lost their young daughter to an unthinkable 2-wheeler accident and started ‘The Arundhati Foundation’ to raise awareness of the hazards around us and to do something to improve the situation.  As difficult as it must be, she drew on personal experience to tell the students about how a split second can cause irrevocable outcomes.  She dug deep and implored these students to take road safety seriously.


During the hands-on session, 29 good behaviors were captured.  CIS-CLP student Madhumita summed up the interesting and interactive morning nicely.  She said, “instead of focusing on all the negative things we see around us, appreciating positive things will help us be better and safer”.

Thanks to Nikhil Kumar for his help with the TMC activities!

As always, heartfelt thanks to the wonderful police personnel at the Traffic Management Center who make these Positive Strokes workshops successful.  A shout-out to Mr. Vasant Bhagawat, Mr. Jagadish and Mr. Prabhakar.



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