Little Flowers at a Junction

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 began early.  It was the day of the culmination of much preparation for a Positive Strokes Junction event organized by the staff and students of Little Flower High School in Srirampuram near Okalipuram.

Assembled outside the school and ready to walk over to the Junction.  Check out the messages on their wonderful hand made posters!


Little Flower High School is a small school with a big vision.  The principal of the school, Dr. Madhusudhan Babu, a personification of humility and kindness has made it his life’s mission to provide affordable English-medium, private school education (and so much more) to about a thousand school age children in his neighborhood.  Supported by his capable staff, whose senior members have been teachers at the school for well over a decade and whose newer members have themselves been past students of the school, Little Flower is bound to mould many young minds into active and responsible citizens.

Dr. Madusudhan Babu, principal of Little Flower High School participated in the event with his staff and students


The Okalipuram ward corporator Shri. Shivaprakash stopped by!

During the Little Flower Positive Strokes Campaign, 41 students and 12 teachers gave away 150 keychains and vehicle stickers to road users following the rules and respecting their fellow road users.  Behaviors that were rewarded included usage of seatbelts and helmets, stopping behind the zebra crossing and giving way to pedestrians and other vehicles.  In the process, the students found themselves differentiating between good and bad road behaviors and experienced the joy of giving away gifts.

An autodriver receving a reward

This Junction Event marked a new high for Positive Strokes as well.  It is the first one almost entirely organized and executed by a community partner anchored by Ms. Komathi at Little Flower High School and my friend Rashmi of The Teacher Foundation, who set the ball rolling.

Some of the people who made this event possible 🙂

On this last day of 2015, we remember and are thankful for the support of Dr. Saleem, the Addl. Commissioner of Bangalore Traffic Police, Mr. Kasim, ACP Planning, Mr. Girish, DCP (West) and also the many officers in the police force – the inspectors, sub-inspectors and constables, who are the backbone of each event.

More pictures from the event can be found at:


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