Teachers in Training

On Monday, December 7, 2015, students taught and teachers listened!  The role reversal at the Positive Strokes TMC event turned out to be a fun, engaging exercise.


Nikhil Kumar, a class XII student of Delhi Public School, Bangalore North, and a Positive Strokes Champion conducted a workshop for a group of aspiring teachers undergoing ‘The New Teacher’ program at ‘The Teacher Foundation’ (www.teacherfoundation.org).

Screenshot_3The New Teacher is a 1000 hour, full time, pre-service teacher education program, run by The Teacher Foundation, aimed at developing young trainees to begin a meaningful professional career in low-cost private schools.

This was part of an effort to offer new teachers a wider perspective of education that they can practice at the schools they will work with.

Having experienced and understood the concept of positive reinforcement as a tool to improve road user behavior, Nikhil proceeded confidently to explain to his audience why this method is likely to work and how to go about identifying good road users.  He also outlined how each person in the room can become a change agent for road safety by planning and conducting their own Positive Strokes events.

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Little Flower High School (littleflowershighschoolpvn.com) is an affordable private school in Srirampuram in Bengaluru providing education that goes beyond the text book.  They do this by incorporating many extra curricular activities to nurture and develop well-rounded citizens.  The students are enthusiastic and full of energy and the teachers, supportive and full of pride for their students.  They had attended the workshop specifically organized for them in August.

Four of these students (Saranya, Bhavani, Mahesh & Surya) came back as mentors and helped the teachers as they watched traffic using the cameras at the Traffic Management Centre looking for good road behaviors.  They expertly went about operating the system and recording good behaviors while they moved from desk to desk making sure every question and call for help was fully addressed.

This workshop had 21 participants and captured 26 good road behaviors in the about an hour.  These 26 vehicles will be checked for a history of good road behavior and those who pass the scrutiny will receive special rewards and commendation certificates signed by the Addl. Commissioner of Traffic Police, Dr. Saleem and by former cricketer and captain, Mr. Rahul Dravid.

This event was an attempt to widen our circle of influencers.  Teachers who were students at the TMC workshop, go ahead!  Practice and spread the joy of positive reinforcement to make better road users, better people!




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