Change is in the air

Positive Strokes began as an idea about 3 years ago.  The program was incubated by CMCA for a year from April 2014 until March 2015 and was supported by funding from Fastrack.  During this time, Positive Strokes ran as a joint initiative of CMCA and the Bangalore Traffic Police.

Going forward, CMCA will no longer host Positive Strokes, but will remain a friend, advisor and participant in the program.  Positive Strokes will continue to work in partnership with Bangalore Traffic Police.

In its first year of activity, Positive Strokes directly reached 1502 and indirectly reached over 13000 people.  More than 2500 instances of good road behavior have been captured.  It has been a very fruitful first year and we thank CMCA, Fastrack and the numerous Positive Strokes volunteers who worked with us, helped and supported the program.

In addition to reinforcing good road user behavior through the Traffic Management Centre Event and the Junction Event as has been done so far, Positive Strokes will engage the community through reputed, well established Companies, Educational Institutions and Resident Welfare Associations to facilitate behavior change through  more new and innovative positive interventions.

Here’s to more Positive Change!


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