Campaign Four

Positive Strokes’ fourth campaign was a three-Junction event.  On the morning of Saturday, March 14, 2015, Positive Strokes was at work at three traffic junctions around Bengaluru.

This event was thrown open to organizations, institutions and community groups.  The call out to groups was to pick a junction important to that specific group of individuals, such as a location near their college or their office.  A traffic intersection that the group uses often and are very familiar with.  An intersection where it would help to remind road users that good road behavior does not go unnoticed.

Junction 1:  Koramangala Forum Mall Junction

A volunteer from the first edition of Positive Strokes held last April, signed on almost immediately.  An employee of Bosch, he and a team of about 35 of his colleagues picked the Koramangala Forum Mall junction right across the road from Bosch’s Koramangala office.  The group was filled with such positive energy and enthusiasm that they barely felt the time pass while they delighted good road users with unexpected rewards.  After the event, Manjunath and Sheshu, both from Bosch, conducted a short meeting where we heard from several volunteers about their experience.  One volunteer said that before the event, it never occurred to him to have his child wear a helmet while on a bike with him.  He promised himself that he’d rectify this very soon!
Kora - The volunteer team at Bosch

Junction 2: Queens Statue Circle near Cubbon Park on MG Road

An iGate employee and a volunteer in campaign two of Positive Strokes remembered how much he enjoyed himself during the previous Junction Event he had participated in and wanted his team to experience it too!  Bala and his team of about 12 young iGate employees decided to pick centrally located Queens Statue Circle near Cubbon Park on MG Road.  They also decided that after a morning of doing some social good, they would go out and treat themselves to a team lunch!

Students from St. Josephs College of Commerce also joined the iGate employees at this junction and together about 20 volunteers sought to remind road users at the MG Road/Queens Road junction that it was rewarding to be on your best behavior on the road.

Queens Statue Circle volunteers

Junction 3: Town Hall Junction

About 35 students from Bishop Cottons Women’s Christian College picked a junction close to their college – a junction that many of them pass through on a daily basis.  These students quickly got the hang of it and started finding good behaviors even at that extremely busy and massive junction.

Elavarasi and her friends were watching for good behavior at this particular left turn where vehicles stop only momentarily to allow pedestrians to cross.  One bus driver, slowed down and came to a complete stop well before the pedestrian cross walk.  He was in for a pleasant surprise.  A small group of students boarded the bus, gave him the reward keychain and explained not only to him but also to the entire bus load of passengers what was going on.  The passengers all applauded the driver!  This is an experience that the bus driver, the passengers and the students are not likely to forget.

TownHall - Volunteer group

In all, 600 good road behaviors were observed and rewarded by about a hundred volunteers at the three junctions in Bangalore during campaign four.  Many other not-so-good behaviors were observed too.  These hundred volunteers had the opportunity to watch, differentiate between good and bad behaviors on the road and implicitly learn what is appreciated and what is not appreciated while one is sharing a road with so many others.

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