Campaign Three

In the course of campaigns one and two, we noted that several people were interested in coming and working in the Traffic Management Centre on an ongoing basis, as and when they found the time.  Campaign three was an exploration of this idea.  This campaign ran from November through February.P1100219

We had eight student interns who spent anywhere from 15 to 25 hours over more than 10 days at the TMC monitoring traffic.  We also had CMCA Civic Club members from Al Ameen college and St. Annes college come in for specially organized sessions.

An interesting observation that we made during this campaign is that the number of recorded vehicles that filtered through the 6 month violation check and the address check boiled down to much fewer than we saw in the past campaigns.  This could mean that a lot more moving violations are being caught and challans issued, making the database of violations that much more formidable.

Going forward, we would like to keep this option open.  Any organization/institution, group or individual, may apply to visit the TMC and monitor traffic junctions for Positive Strokes.  We will work with the Bangalore Traffic Police to organize a TMC activity for you.  Write to us using the ‘Contact Us’ link.


Campaign Three
# of TMC volunteers 50
# of TMC commendations 120
Direct Reach 50
Indirect Reach (through volunteers and commendations) 1750

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