Campaign Two

The second campaign took place during July-Aug 2014. The TMC Event lasted for 2 weeks from July 20, 2014 to August 1, 2014. During this time, volunteers spent 2 or more hours of their time at the TMC watching traffic footage from live junction cameras, on computer monitors and captured pictures of vehicles that demonstrated one of a list of several good behaviors. The Junction Event was a half-day event conducted at the intersection of 100 ft Road and 80 Ft Road at Koramangala, on the Sapphire Toy store sidewalk. This was held on August 2, 2014.  This time around, in addition to having volunteers give away rewards to good road users on the spot, we also had an attention grabbing Flash Mob.  College students from Bishop Cottons Women’s Christian College and Koramangala residents from Mantri Classic together made up about 120 volunteer participants.  The video is now available on youtube at and has had over 1300 views.


Campaign Two
# of TMC volunteers 42
# of Junction volunteers 207
# of TMC commendations 250
# of spot rewards 150
Direct Reach 649
Indirect Reach (through volunteers and commendations) 5245

Good Behaviors Captured

Good Behavior Numbers Observed
Vehicle behind zebra crossing 404
Rider wearing proper helmet 76
Rider & pillion wearing helmet 4
Driver wearing seatbelt 129
Driver & front seat passenger seatbelt 25
Indicator before turning 26
Moving into intersection after signal turned green 45
Slowing to stop when signal turned amber 40
Observe rules when intersection is not busy 4
Giving way to Emergency Response Vehicles 2
Vehicles letting pedestrians cross 8
Putting away mobile before driving/riding 1
Lane discipline 23
Total number of good behaviors observed 787

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